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High Mast Mast Automatic Lowering System
High Mast Mast Automatic Lowering System
High Mast Mast Automatic Lowering System
High Mast Mast Automatic Lowering System
High Mast Mast Automatic Lowering System
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13 Jan 2020
1 unit
IDR 94.000.000

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Produsen Pedagang Grosir Tiang Oktagonal Galvanis – Tiang Baja Segi 8 Delapan, Tiang Heksagonal Galvanis – Tiang Baja Segi 6 Enam, Tiang High Mast – Tiang Tinggi, dan Monopole Poligonal – Tiang Tunggal Persegi yang ditawarkan oleh PT. Helori Grahasarana.


High Mast Mast Automatic Lowering System

The High Mast Pole Automatic Lowering System is a polygonal pole with a pole height of 15 to 45 meters with a lighting design attached to the headframe and ring at the top of the mast with the light beam downward. Motor, gearbox, pulleys, steel slings, cables and remotes are used as electromechanical devices to raise and lower the ring along with all the lights attached to the ring as the seat of the lamp during the maintenance process of replacing the lamp so that it negates the climbing ladder to climb up. Maintenance work becomes efficient, easy and safe.

High Mast Mast Automatic Lowering System is typically used to illuminate junction, municipal park, container field, airport apron, parking area, and outdoor recreation area. Generally, a pole height is installed at least 18 meters (below this altitude is referred to as a conventional lighting system).

While the lighting consists of a luminaire ring surrounding a pole with one or more lighting fixtures fitted around it. Some units have lighting surrounded by a circular shield to prevent or reduce light pollution or disturbances affecting settlements adjacent to the highway.

Maintenance of High Mast Mast automatic lowering system is done by lowering the ring light from the top of the pole to the base using the winch and motor to the ground.

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